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Our journey started in 2017 with a vision to deliver innovative business solutions. Today we leverage the latest and greatest in digital technology and aid the digital transformation of businesses. We are headquartered in the California, USA with development center India. We collaborate with startups and enterprises to help them achieve their vision, this has helped us in being agile and adaptive in ways a startup or enterprise requires us to be. We collaborate with businesses across the globe and majority of our business comes from Globe .For first time start-ups we always recommend to develop Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with all the necessary go-to market features before developing entire heavy product, this helps lot of our customers by saving the time and cost and they also checked the market response and taste of the audience then in Next step e we scale the product as per market response, this given extra boost to the business. We delivers IT Services and Solutions that serve each clients’ unique business goals and objectives ultimately meeting their unique business IT challenges—whether they be related to cost reduction, smarter management of overhead, or reduction of inefficiencies .We offers clients a customer-centric approach to delivering IT Services .Collaboration and interaction with the client at every step ensures the success of this service-based business model. We brings the most advanced and latest technologies running under the most impressive methodologies, competent technicalities and quality outcomes to bring the most outstanding, trustworthy and long term business relationship.

A fantabulous experience, one can ever have while gaining the quality commitments without any compromising of the product standards in the different expertise sections of Web Development, Application Development, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, E-Commerce Portal Management (E-Shop Development) and SaaS development many more.

To fulfill our commitment, we know, we need to operate in completely new ways, making sustainability integral to our performance. We cannot achieve our goals for sustainability simply by delivering incremental improvements. We will frequently need to deliver innovations that inspire long-term growth, profitability and sustainability for us LihanTechnologies has a profound experience in software, web and mobile app development services and has also partnered with top brands, startups, small and large companies. We offer maximum customer satisfaction along with result-oriented solutions with our futuristic services. We listed us as a top B2B company. Good Firms, in turn, praised our team for providing innovative apps to the app world by ranking us among the top mobile app development companies globally. We help improve and bring your business online through custom software solutions. The greatest achievement for us is to make maximum profit for your business, drive real value for your users, and ensure your product hits the top ratings.

We provide web and mobile tools and deliver advanced tech solutions to be implemented to guarantee high-quality, fast, seamless, flexible, and easy-to-use final product. Our mission is to create not just apps. We will help you implement solutions that everyone always is going to want.

Endless Support
We are working with different industries over the years; our team is well experienced in developing web and mobile applications for different industries and clients all over the world. We always provide endless support and maintenance services.
Result Driven Solution
We always work as per client needs and as per work specification. We always provide requirement specific and user friendly solution which cover all client needs and provide best in industry solution as per their business requirements.
Dynamic Functionality
Our team provide dynamic solution for each application we does, every application can be manage easily from admin panel, where admin can control all part of application using backend panel and he can update all data by his own.
Cost Effective Solution
At lihan Technologies we provide cost effective solution for all your Web Application and Mobile Application Development needs.

Main Objective behind starting Lihan Technologies is to help start ups especially those who have absolutely no idea how about how to develop, what to develop, what action plan to follow and finally how to get ROI from the final product with right marketing approach.

Objective to consult the customers with proper technical guidance and marketing strategies. Lihan Technologies focus on building businesses from just an idea of customers and will remain with the customers forever as post-development support is also provided by the company.

Experts from Lihan technologies takes time to time session with customers to make them aware about everything getting developed in terms of technologies – For example – Our experts will first brief the customers about Cloud and AWS to make them aware what actually AWS/Cloud is, then will guide them on what is the best plan to go for as per the nature of the business and will take customers through AWS portal so that they can easily access it.


Our mission is to make world technically accessible for everyone by creating more and more tech entrepreneurs by giving them pocket friendly software platform such as Taxi App solution, Food Delivery solutions, Ecommerce Solution, Crypto Solutions etc. and holding their hands in the long journey to scale the product.

Client Focus # Integrity# Inspire

Vision is to remove all the hassles and pain from the customer’s side in terms of software development, creating the tailor made team with right skill set developers as per the requirement of the project and scaling the business afterwards with right marketing approach. From shaping up the ideas to convert them into successful venture we will help start-ups to strengthen their every pillar.









Why Choose Us

We transform what we touch

We are a community of passionate individuals working together to revolutionize software design, development and delivery. We believe in the power of software & technology as a tool for business excellence. We passionately strive to innovate and create meaningful solutions that add value.

  • Open door policy to express oneself
  • Embrace new ideas
  • Zest for innovation

Technicians are able to share their IT expertise and knowledge thanks to a vast array of experiences developed through the resolution of countless clients IT issues, large scale projects, and IT challenges. A key aspect of this approach is a relentless commitment to help each Lihan client reach their full IT potential depending on the project requirements and specifications resources available and timeframes we propose 3major factors fixed price, time & material and dedicated team.